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Do You want to sell a Bike?

What’s your Bike worth? Receive the absolute best value for your trade-in vehicle. We even handle all paperwork. Schedule your appointment today!

Be Real

Keeping it real on price is the best way to get an easy sale. Do your market research and see what the realistic value of your bike is, things to consider when valuing your bike:

 Year  Condition  Mileage  Service history  Potential damage  Modifications & Extras

It all depends on how fast you want a sale and what condition your bike is in. For example, if you have kept your motorbike in prime condition and you believe its worth more then the market is suggesting, put it on for more. You will eventually come across a buyer who is fine with paying for a cleaner bike. This comes back to how fast you want to sell..as getting to this person could take a while!

Are You looking for a new Bike?

The first step you’ll need to consider is picking a bike type, a process that involves a whole lot of choices since motorcycle manufacturers have created branches and sub-branches of bike genres. The biggest distinction lies between on-road, off-road, and dual purpose (ie, mixed use) motorcycles; once you go from there, you’ll still have a dizzying variety of options and sub-specialties to choose from. If your passion gravitates towards one particular area (like cruisers or sportbikes), you may find yourself equivocating between power cruisers and touring cruisers, or all-out superbikes and milder variations.

Your quest should ultimately lead you to a genre that fits your needs and interests… but it might take some soul-searching to determine which is the best for you.

Maintain your Bike to stay safe on the road

Be ready – keep your mind, your body and your bike set:-

Before judging the circumstances around you, first and foremost, just make sure that are you able to judge them in a proper way? Usually, there are three ways through which a rider should be able to prepare himself before starting off his journey.

First comes is your mental readiness. Before taking your motorcycle out of the house gates, you must make sure that your mind is free off all the stresses. You must be in your conscience in order to focus each and everything on the road ahead you. So, consumption of drugs and alcohols during this is a big no.

Then comes the factor of how your body is prepared physically to cater the situations. You must be fully armored in order to prevent yourself from any mishap or damage to yourself after facing an accident. The protective gear must include the basic essentials such as a straight-fit helmet, riding jacket, riding boots and gloves and protection pads. Your safety on the road is doubled-up if your riding gear is bright-colored, so that it is much more visible to other people, especially in night riding conditions. The adorning of riding gear ensures you the comfort factor throughout your ride.

The last factor comes is the proper condition of your bike, ensure that your ride is as healthy as you are. You must practice a preliminary check procedure on your motorcycle, which includes checking of any oil leakage, properly adjusted brakes and drive chain, healthy illumination of lighting system of your bike, tyre pressure and sufficient amount of fuel in the tank. Fix any of the problems if you find it, immediately.

We know how to handle a wide range of Bike services.

When your motorcycle needs a service, repair or MOT you need to know you can trust the technicians who are carrying out that work. At DB we have a team of skilled, factory trained, technicians who will keep your two wheels safely on the road.

We operate a comprehensively equipped workshop, and as an authorised service destination for Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati and Kawasaki you can be assured that all work will be carried out to the manufacturer’s high standard. We are able to perform a wide range of work on all road motorcycles; with the initial assessment cost agreed prior to work being carried out.